The Spring we all went IN

Your task is to act from a place of Integrity;
to feel from a place of Love;
to speak from a place of Humility;
and to walk on upon this planet from a place of Gratitude

Like a Big Mama,
huge breasts hanging down,
round belly from having birthed
yet so many children;
like a Wise Grandmother,
sparkly lively eyes buried behind
long forgotten wrinkles,
strong hands that have woven
the tapestry of time,
tired shoulders from having carried
the worries of humanity on herself;
like a Timid Maiden,
energetic body ready to spring forward,
but stil fearful to fully step
into her own power
due to the wounds inflicted
when she was just trying to love,
longing for a steward
who will finally protect her
and take care of her.

Mother Earth is calling us.
Her message is strong, clear
and it reverberates
all around the edges
of her borderless womb.

She is saying:
“I call on you, my children.
Times are changing,
and I ask you to open your eyes
and look attentively,
to tune in your ears
and listen carefully,
to be very careful
of the words you speak
as they carry the very vibration
of the future you are shaping.”

She is saying:
“ Gather yourselves, my children.
You already know
what needs to be transformed
within you
and in the systems
all around you.

She is saying:
“You have many a tasks, little ones.
Your task is to rest,
if you can do so.
Enough with going around in endless circles,
dispersing your precious energy.
Look for the essential,
look for the gist
of what really matters.
You matter.
And so take care of yourself first.
And then your task
is to take care of the many things
you always said you wanted to do,
and you pretended
you didn’t have the time for.
And then your task
is also to serve,
to pour in
any additional drop of energy you have
for the benefit of your own kind.
Your task is to act
from a place of Integrity;
to feel
from a place of Love;
to speak
from a place of Humility;
and to walk on upon this planet
from a place of Gratitude.”

She is saying:
“Mama needs to rest, my children.
My lands are busy,
my skies are cluttered,
my oceans are polluted,
and my very core
is aching deeply.
And so your ultimate task
is to go IN.
Inside of your spaces,
and inside of yourselves.
So that I can heal,
and incubate,
and alchemize,
and sprout
and finally bloom
once again.
This is my Spring.
This is my Equinox.
And yes, I am aware
that it is a peculiar one.”

She is saying:
“Don’t be afraid, dear ones.
You have within yourselves
all that is needed
to thrive,
to connect,
to feel,
to play,
to pray,
to BE.
I am asking you
to go back to your hearts,
to go back to your temples,
to go back to your souls.
They are a safe place
for you to be,
safer than what it might feel
for you right now.
Don’t be afraid
of the dark parts in there.
Your shadows are just trying
to tell you something,
to point out to where
the light needs to filter in.
And remember,
the night is always
the darkest
before the dawn.
Go back to your heart, my creatures.
It is really, really, really safe in there.
If you linger long enough
you will feel it too”.

Ginevra Are Cappiello

2 thoughts on “The Spring we all went IN

  1. Your words are powerful and true. It is time for rest, still we squirm and still Mother pats our heads and lays us back down for a while longer. We are creating Room to Bloom. I’m thankful for you Ginevra ❤


  2. You are a rapidly evolving poet and author. I love to watch Your creative progress. You are an inspiration as always. Please leave me Your contact info. I want to see You in SM and celebrate our birthdays.

    Ti voglio TANTO bene,



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