Hi beautiful souls! My name is Ginevra, and I am the mind and heart behind A Journey to Belonging.
I am originally from Italy, from the beautiful and ancient island of Sardinia. I now live in sunny Venice Beach, CA, where I have my coaching and counseling practice.

I am a Holistic Counselor (with a Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling) and a Certified Integrative Wellness Life Coach. I am also a Social-Emotional Expressive Arts Facilitator, 200 hrs registered Yoga Teacher, and I creatively like to call myself *Earth & Heart Alchemist*! 
I offer 1-1 coaching and counseling sessions, group sessions, workshops, and yoga classes.

I have an ever-curious mind that motivates me to keep learning and a fiercely loving heart that encourages me to share with others what I find most helpful along the way. This is the reason I created Journey to Belonging: to gift to others the tools and knowledge I have accumulated over more than 13 years of going deeper and deeper, in the hope they can serve fellow human beings as much as they served me.

Some of the topics I am passionate about practicing at a personal level and teaching others are Somatic Psychotherapy, Dance and Embodiment movement, Ayurveda and Herbalism, Mindfulness-Based Counseling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Breathwork, Meditation, Kundalini, and Tantric practices. I also feel so called to live a life aligned with the cycles of Nature (Seasons, Moon cycles) and of the Body (Seasons of Life, menstrual cycles), taking wisdom from the indigenous Medicine Wheel, and I incorporate them into my practice as well.

I love helping people rebalance their sense of well-being, conscious lifestyle, and grounding practices. My work is rooted in the belief that we all need a strong foundation of self-compassion, awareness, and love in order to walk on Earth with fulfillment and grace. I will be your biggest supporter; let me walk along with you on your unique belonging journey as you develop a connection with your own heart, your communities, your higher purpose, and the Universe.

Client’s Testimonials

Ginevra’s presence is so full of light and positivity that the benefit is palatable. Whenever she speaks, she does so with authenticity, warmth and intelligence.

Arina Isaacson, Storytelling Coach and Trainer, mentor and colleague

Ginevra has a rare ability to synthesize what you’re saying and reflect back your true feelings. She’s helped me go deeper and also shared knowledge that gave me access to naming issues I couldn’t see for myself. I feel grateful for the guidance and emotional processing support she has provided me. I also appreciate her empathy and gentle approach, while always being honest. I’ve made positive changes in my life thanks to her insights!

Christina, Professional Cuddler and client

Ginevra offered such care and attention to hear what I was communicating and what I didn’t even know how to say in words. She is creatively skilled to see paths and bring hope to places I was communicating were stuck. Highly recommended!

Sarah, client

Ginevra is easily in charge and also sweetly holds a state of calm. Her EFT workshop was phenomenal – she articulated the practice so clearly and took attendees through what, at first seemed complex, but made it simple and practical. The session itself was incredibly powerful with emotions on high. Ginevra held firmly and with such grace the space for deep healing and transformation. I can’t wait to work with her on many more workshops – her work changes lives in miraculous ways.

Jordana Reim, founder of 180 Retreats, Meditation and Breathwork teacher

Ginevra is one of my favorite yoga instructors. She’s so good at helping you connect with your body and breath so you are able to stay present, grounded and aligned. She puts her class first and will adjust and make changes to her flow to suit what the class needs currently are, which makes her flow feel natural and organic. I leave her class feeling so much lighter, nimble and with a content smile on my face. 

Kristina Kury, founder of SproutCreativeLA

I love your yoga classes Ginevra! Your instructions are clear, and you explain not only how to move, but why! The classes flow nicely and you give options for all levels of experience. I am so grateful that I have found your online classes …
After a short time with you I am calmer, more flexible and my hips and shoulders are feeling so much better. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Lisa, yoga student, beginner level

Let’s work together!

I offer one-on-one coaching and counseling sessions, along with group workshops and retreats. I do most of my coaching online, but I love to meet my clients in the LA area for in-person, customized somatic work, and nature walks.

Let’s connect!




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